Memorialize a loved one

Whether your loved one is alive or has passed away, you can collect the most precious memories of him or her and preserve them for posterity. If you are grieving, the process of creating an online memorial can be very helpful and cathartic.

Upload some photos or videos, and write down their life story. As the only trustworthy digital repository for personal data, we guarantee your memorial pages forever.

Collaborate with family and friends

Chronicle of Life is truly collaborative: Once the memorial page for your loved one is set up, you can invite their family and friends to share their memories.

Invited people can add their own stories and photos of your loved one, and see what others have added to the collection.

Share only with the people you want

You can choose to keep your content private (the default), share it with family and friends, or make it public. If you make it private or restrict access to family and friends, no one will be able to see it without a password.

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