To prove our commitment to long-term data preservation, we offer the following data guarantee:

If you should ever lose any data entrusted to Chronicle of Life Foundation, we will refund 100 percent of your total payments to the Foundation, subject to the following conditions and exclusions:

  1. Data loss is defined as
    1. the inability, after entering your correct username and password on our website and navigating to the appropriate page, to view or download some or all of the content in your account; or
    2. any involuntary data changes that alter the meaning and diminish the usability of your content. Changes to the layout and format of data, including those due to file format migration, do not constitute data loss.
  2. In the event of data loss, we will refund you the amount specified above only if you agree to close your account and have all remaining content in your account deleted.
  3. The guarantees applies only if the data loss
    1. was not due to your breach of any term of this Agreement, and
    2. was not of a temporary nature, e.g., due to a denial of service attack, and
    3. was not caused by the deliberate or accidental alteration or deletion of your data by anyone logging in with your username and password, and
    4. was not remedied by us within 60 days after you alerted us of the data loss by sending an email to, stating your username and describing the data lost.
  4. The guarantee applies to the loss of any textual data entered on our website, but is limited to only those files uploaded to our website that match one of the approved file formats:
    1. Photo: jpg, jpeg, jp2, jpx, gif, png, tif, tiff
    2. Video: avi, mov, mpeg, mp4
    3. Audio: mp3, wav
    4. Text: txt, htm, html, csv, xml, pdf/A

Please see our terms of use for more details.