Approved file formats

To keep your files accessible forever, we migrate selected file formats to newly emerging standards as time goes by. Consistent with best practices for a trustworthy digital repository, we guarantee and migrate those formats that are widely-used, non-proprietary and open source. The approved file formats are listed below:

Many file formats are proprietary, such as Microsoft Word and Excel, which makes future migration to new file formats dependent on permission from Microsoft, and may be illegal without such permission. Furthermore, it would be cost-prohibitive to offer file format migration for all files, given the huge number of file formats.

However, you can easily save a Word document in .txt format and the data from an Excel spreadsheet in .xml format by selecting "Save as" and choosing the appropriate format in Word or Excel. In addition, you can always upload any file you like to your account even if the format is not on our list of approved file formats. We will preserve the file as is forever, without attempting to migrate it to a new file format.