About us

Chronicle of Life Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was established in 2008. Our mission is to save personal memories forever, including your memories of people, events and periods in your life, and any photos or other files, thus creating a chronicle of life.

You can choose the privacy settings you want for each content item: keep it private, allow access only to your family and friends, or make it public. Whatever you choose, we keep your data secure.

As the only trustworthy digital repository for personal data, we guarantee your data forever. As a non-profit organization, the Foundation has an unlimited life and all our assets are dedicated by law to serve our mission.

There are many benefits to using our service. For example, we

Here is how it works: You type in your memories on our website or reply with a few words to an email, and we ensure the permanent preservation of your data.

You may also want to read our FAQs to find out more.